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Understanding Ebola

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Most of us are quite concerned and upset about Ebola and there is a quite a bit of fear spreading along with the virus.   The Washington Department of Health has a resource page for learning about Ebola, the risk factors, and how to protect yourself. A few things you can find on the webpage include… Continue Reading

Asparagus Lowers Blood Pressure-Research Shows

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Asparagus lowers blood pressure.  Modern research supports the wisdom of ancient Chinese Medicine.  To encourage you to take advantage of the seasonal bounty, I’ve included a quick and easy recipe below. Asparagus Reduces High Blood Pressure – New Discovery 13 May 2013 By Health CMI News New research concludes that dietary intake of asparagus lowers… Continue Reading

Acupuncture Helps Fibromyalgia

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By Health CMI New research concludes that acupuncture reduces pain sensitivity for patients suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). The study also showed that patients receiving acupuncture had significant reductions in anxiety and depression. Further, the overall quality of life score improved for FMS patients receiving acupuncture therapy. The treatment method was the application of five… Continue Reading

Study-Acupuncture Improves Sleep

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Many people fall asleep during their sessions and find acupuncture improves sleep quality even when they are coming in for non-sleep issues.  Getting the proper sleep is essential for our health and well being. Scientific Discovery – Better Sleep With Acupuncture 13 January 2013 By Health CMI News Electrical engineers in a medical research team… Continue Reading

Acupuncture Found Effective For Plantar Fasciitis

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Acupuncture Reverses Plantar Fasciitis – New Research 14 DECEMBER 2012 By Health CMI News New research concludes that acupuncture is effective for treating plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory foot condition. Plantar fasciitis typically presents with pain on the underside of the foot and heel. The pain is often most severe when first stepping out of… Continue Reading

Acupuncture More Effective than Topiramate in Reducing Number of Migraine Headaches, the Consumer Justice Foundation Reports

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  October 11, 2012 By Health CMI The Consumer Justice Foundation, a for-profit corporation whose team of professional consumer advocates provides continuous updates regarding free online information relating to the potential dangers of using certain prescription medications, has a Web site URL that is located at The CJF hereby reports that a study published… Continue Reading

Acupuncture Reduces Cancer Pain – Univ. of Maryland Study

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By HealthCMi: Acupuncture relieves cancer pain due to medication side effects according to new research conducted at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. Treatment for multiple myeloma (MM), cancer of plasma cells that affects bone marrow, is treated with the pharmaceutical drug bortezomib. Peripheral neuropathy, damage to peripheral nerves, is a common… Continue Reading

Dear Insomniacs, Stop Worrying About It!

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History suggests sleeping in segments may be more natural and better for us.  The key is getting your bedroom as dark as possible and avoiding computers, smart phones and other light sources right before bedtime.  So enjoy the quiet and peace in the middle of the night…our ancestors did. The myth of the eight-hour sleep… Continue Reading

A new study finds that people who eat chocolate several times a week are actually leaner than people who don’t eat chocolate regularly.

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This article below by Allison Aubrey is excellent, and not just because it justifies my daily indulgence in theobromine, the primary alkaloid in cocoa and chocolate.  Personally, I find chocolate to be great for stress and curbing the appetite for unhealthy foods.  I used to love chocolate chip cookies, but now I cut out the… Continue Reading

Acupuncture Effects Brainwaves

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This article illustrates the effects of acupuncture on brainwaves. These two points when combined with Pericardium 6 are known as the Buddha triangle and are deeply calming and centering. I use this treatment frequently when helping my patients deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. The treatment helps the person feel calm but also enables… Continue Reading