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Cupping Special Through Fall 2016!!!

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Receive a free Merulli Signature Scalp Massage when you book your cupping session by 10/31/16.     Cupping is an ancient East Asian medical procedure that has immediate health benefits.  Specialized glass cups are placed on acupuncture points along the back corresponding to the organ systems.  This invigorating treatment feels amazing and is very relaxing… Continue Reading

It’s spring allergy season-in full bloom!

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Most people are surprised to learn that acupuncture works for seasonal allergies. By strengthening the body’s immune mechanism it can process the offending allergens out more efficiently. And acupuncture, unlike allergy medications does not mask symptoms or have unpleasant side effects. While taking allergy medication to survive daily life is sometimes necessary, acupuncture treatments have… Continue Reading

Group Health PPO Network Expansion Starts Jan 1, 2014.

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Merulli Acupuncture is pleased to announce the addition of Group Health PPO plans to the Seattle Clinic.  Access PPO, Options PPO starting Jan. 1, 2014, expands access to contracted providers and offers enhanced benefits when members use providers within designated care systems. Questions about coverage? Please call my office 206-388-3349; I’m happy to check if… Continue Reading

Acupuncture Helps Fibromyalgia

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By Health CMI New research concludes that acupuncture reduces pain sensitivity for patients suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). The study also showed that patients receiving acupuncture had significant reductions in anxiety and depression. Further, the overall quality of life score improved for FMS patients receiving acupuncture therapy. The treatment method was the application of five… Continue Reading

Study-Acupuncture Improves Sleep

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Many people fall asleep during their sessions and find acupuncture improves sleep quality even when they are coming in for non-sleep issues.  Getting the proper sleep is essential for our health and well being. Scientific Discovery – Better Sleep With Acupuncture 13 January 2013 By Health CMI News Electrical engineers in a medical research team… Continue Reading

Acupuncture Found Effective For Plantar Fasciitis

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Acupuncture Reverses Plantar Fasciitis – New Research 14 DECEMBER 2012 By Health CMI News New research concludes that acupuncture is effective for treating plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammatory foot condition. Plantar fasciitis typically presents with pain on the underside of the foot and heel. The pain is often most severe when first stepping out of… Continue Reading

Acupuncture More Effective than Topiramate in Reducing Number of Migraine Headaches, the Consumer Justice Foundation Reports

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  October 11, 2012 By Health CMI The Consumer Justice Foundation, a for-profit corporation whose team of professional consumer advocates provides continuous updates regarding free online information relating to the potential dangers of using certain prescription medications, has a Web site URL that is located at The CJF hereby reports that a study published… Continue Reading

Easy Healthy Blueberry Dessert

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Here is an easy healthy blueberry dessert to celebrate the summer!  The Summer Solstice is technically 11 days away, but I’m declaring it summer right now anyway.  Even though it rained 2 days ago, it’s been pretty sunny and warm in Seattle and Anacortes.  I even felt ashamed running inside on the treadmill and wasting… Continue Reading

Movement is Essential to Health

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Please do not be discouraged by Scott Hensley’s NPR article, Fighting Fat in Middle Age Takes Hard Work. The article cites a study that concluded people need to exercise an hour a day to prevent weight gain. While I don’t dispute the validity of the study, people need to move their bodies anyway, so please… Continue Reading