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Mudra: Make A Fist, Heal Your Emotions

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Mudra is a Sanskrit term for gesture, mark or seal and is used in yoga, meditation and other types of healing. There are numerous mudras, each with a specific purpose and benefit.  As a perpetual student of Eastern Medicine and energy healing, I feel its important to reference the similarities of these sciences. In Chinese… Continue Reading

Shirodhara New Service At Merulli Acupuncture

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  Special offer for you:  Schedule your Shirodhara session by February 29th and receive $25 off  Book Now     I’m excited to offer Shirodhara to my patients. Shirodhara is a deeply nourishing Ayurvedic treatment that calms the body and mind.   Benefits of Shirodhara:   Reduces headaches, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and irritability Leaves your… Continue Reading

Easy Healthy Blueberry Dessert

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Here is an easy healthy blueberry dessert to celebrate the summer!  The Summer Solstice is technically 11 days away, but I’m declaring it summer right now anyway.  Even though it rained 2 days ago, it’s been pretty sunny and warm in Seattle and Anacortes.  I even felt ashamed running inside on the treadmill and wasting… Continue Reading